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Origin of Ota Onsen

This is a story that really happened ....

  • Tadashi Nakamura, the predecessor of the hot spring ryokan "Hanamura", began seeing dreams of hot springs from inside the rice fields repeatedly, told the villagers' friends about it, and told the villagers "to drill hot springs and develop villages" many times I also took it, but he did not do it ....
    After that I also saw the same dream, so he decided his mind and studied drilling by himself, finally began to drill out the place that comes out in my dreams.
    Then, really hot springs came out!
    But when we measured the temperature, it was only 23 degrees and we dig down even 70 meters but the temperature remained unchanged.
    One night, I had a dream like this ....
    ···Dig the point to point to from now.Then you will find a big tree root ...

    As soon as the owner went to the place, digging into the scoop hands, the same thing came out as the root of the tree that really came out of his dreams.
    When the tree is dried at the roadside, a Rendai Temple monastery goes through, "Somewhat !, this is not Ryujinboku Cactus!, Please be dearerly Ryujinboku Cactus" ....
    Then the temperature has risen day by day at that 23 degree hot spring which I was giving up!
    This is the beginning of Ota Onsen.

This is the talk which suited truly·

  • It was not made a partner, although the predecessor master of the ryokan with a hot spring
    "Ryokan Hanamura"
    came to look at the dream in which a hot spring out out of a rice field repeatedly, "Have a village to carry out hot spring drilling and develop" ...
    Since the same dream is seen also after that, it is that of began to dig about the place which he makes up his mind, and the master studies digging by self-education, and comes out in a dream at last.
    Then, the hot spring came out very truly!!
    However, when temperature was measured, there is nothing only 23 degrees and also it investigated to 70 meters, but temperature did not change.
    Such a dream was seen a certain night ... .
    ... Dig the place pointed at from now on.
    If it strokes, the root of the big tree will be found ...
    Instantly, the master went to the place, and when dug in shovel one hand, the same thing as the root of the tree which came out in the dream truly came out.
    If the tree side dried at the roadside, the Buddhist priest of Rendaiji will pass by. "a little!
    Is not this the Ryujin tree!
    Deify carefully ... "
    And in that hot spring of 23 degrees given up, temperature has gone up day by day!!
    This is the beginning of the Oda hot spring.

이것은 _ 정색로 _ 신었던 _ 이야기다 ... .

  • 온천 여관 "은 얼룩" 의 선대 주인 이, 논(속)에서 온천 이 나우는 꿈 을 몇 extending 이나 보게 되고, 마신 의 동료 에게 그 것 알려 알려 알려 온천 온천 을 을 전 전 전 전 자 고 고 고 고 고 몇 몇 몇 몇 몇 나 나 었 었 었 었 않았 않았 · · · · · · · ·
    그 후 도 같은 꿈 을 꾸 므 로 같 인 인 부 부 부 부 부 부 오 오 오 오 오 .
    그토자, 어떻게 정말로 온천 이 나왔지 않은가!
    그러나 온도 를 재면 23 도 미치지 않고, 더욱 70 미터 지지 파고 들었지지 온도 는 바뀌지 않은 상태 이었던 것이다.
    어떤 떤, 이지 꿈 을 꾸었 次 ... .
    · · · 지금 부터 가 키 는 곳 곳 곳 세 세 세 세 러 러 러 러 무 무 것 것 것 뿌 뿌 뿌 뿌 찾
    A, 주인 은 그 장소 에, A(scoop) 한쪽 손 에 가 면 말 말 꿈 꿈 온 온 무 같 같 뿌 뿌 왔 같 같 같 같 것 것 왔 왔 왔 왔 왔 왔 왔 가 가 것 ​​것 왔
    그래스 를 길가 에서 말리고 베행, 렌 Next 이지(Rendai Temple)의 스님 이 우연히 지나고, "다소! 이것은 용신 나무 가 아닐계! 소중하게 제사 지우 세요" 라고 ....
    그로부터 포기 하기 시작 하고 와었던 리 23 도의 온천 이 날마다 온도 가 높아져 왔지 않은가!
    이것이 나다(Oda) 온천 의 시작 이다