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ryokan hanamura


5850 Ota, Manganji, Minamioguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture

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90 minutes from Kyushu Expressway Kumamoto IC on Kyushu Expressway Kumamoto IC, 60 minutes from Oita Expressway Hita IC on Oita Expressway Hita IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Pick-up available from Kurokawa Onsen Bus Stop.If you require a shuttle service, please contact us in advance.
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Origin of Ota Onsen

  • This is a story that really happened ....

    Tadashi Nakamura, the predecessor of the hot spring ryokan "Hanamura", began seeing dreams of hot springs from inside the rice fields repeatedly, told the villagers' friends about it, and told the villagers "to drill hot springs and develop villages" many times I also took it, but he did not do it ....
    After that I also saw the same dream, so he decided his mind and studied drilling by himself, finally began to drill out the place that comes out in my dreams.
    Then, really hot springs came out!
    But when we measured the temperature, it was only 23 degrees and we dig down even 70 meters but the temperature remained unchanged.
    One night, I had a dream like this ....

Hanamura Photo

  • Hanamura Gallery

    【Soft light】 Warmth that the warmth of the Japanese paper goes "hot".

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