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  • "Spring, summer, autumn and winter" Feel the season Taste luxury

    Meal in the Shiki no Sato Hanamura is, have you served in the RestaurantThere are two types of Restaurant which is a digging type ceremony, or a private room type Restaurant"Hanakago" with a seat, and a large hall type of "Kusan".Both offer a seasonal cuisine in a calm atmosphere.

    【Information on mealtime】
    Dinner start time is from 18:00.
    Please note that if you arrive later than 19:00 you may not be able to offer.
    Breakfast time is 8:00 or 8:30.

    【About the meal of children】
    For your child's meal, Kids' meal till the elementary school lower grade, high school age adult meal, breakfast is the same as adult meal.

    ※We arrange cakes for anniversaries as well.(Separately) Please feel free to contact us.
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  • Dinner example

  • Example article

    Shiki no Sato Hanamura of Shiki, we use materials from Aso and Minamioguni so that we can enjoy the seasons of the four seasons, we will be entertaining everyone.
    In addition, we do not have special food allergies to customers with food allergies, but we will correspond as much as possible.Please inform us of allergic ingredients and specific needs at the time of reservation.
  • Restaurant Hanakago

    Restaurant Hanakago is we offer to each of your room, it will be your private Restaurant
    Hanakago is a space only for families, friends, people with whom I could feel.
    Please enjoy delicious time of speech and the chief chef's "Creative Kaiseki Cuisine".
  • Restaurant

    Restaurant"hermitage" will be organizations like and adults the number of customers only Restaurant
    The flooring of the heating harmonizes with the comfort of the Japanese in a relaxed space and makes you feel nostalgic.